Dixie Karas is a Cincinnati native, working fulltime in the music industry as a lead vocalist in many successful bands, as well as a background vocalist performing on several national jingles and national recording sessions. She was the lead vocalist on the Cincinnati Bicentennial video and the Cincinnati Bengals "Respect" song for the Super Bowl. She starred in the debut of Keeping The Faith musical at the Ensemble Theater.

Members of Airwave

Top row: Dixie Karas, Ted Karas, Walt Coleman, Aaron Hollows.

Bottom row: Al Woo, Joel Crabtree, Randy Winters.

Dixie Karas has performed on various Jingles, at Industrial Shows, and on Album Projects for these production companies and studios:

• Sound Images •Kings Productions • RTG Music
• Counterpart Creative Studio • Hinchey International • Jay Gilbert Productions
• Jean Ann Ryan • Group Effort Studio • Steve Hoskins Music
• Bruce Fischer • Madison Park Productions • American Entertainment
• Ligosa Sound Studios • Dreamstand Video & Print • Iocona
• Sonic Arts • Wes Boatman • Rick Lisak


• Recorded a song for the "Shades Of Blue Vol. II" CD project
• National jingles for "Casual Corners" interior stores and Berma shave
• Local jingles for Burbank's Real Bar-B-Q and Northgate Mall
• Vocals recorded for Paramount theme park shows, including King's Island Ice Show
• Vocals recorded for Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines
• Opening act for Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka, and Drifters concerts
• Audio Visual Shows for Budweiser
• Vocal Tracks for Soap Opera music

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